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Our Stories 'Behind the Scenes'

Our people are our ambassadors. We love to share their stories, how they perceive their work, what they encounter in their daily operations. To give you an insight of our company, behind the scenes and beyond.

Casey Castro

My favorite thing about working at Royal Den Hartogh is the incredible opportunity the company has given me for growth and advancement.

They’ve seen my potential and encouraged me to develop it by trusting me with increasing responsibility and empowering me to take on new task and projects.

"Empowering me to take on new tasks and projects."

Casey Castro

Den Hartogh has been deliberate about understanding my professional goals and working with me to reach them while giving me the flexibility to balance my home and work life which has been important to a mother of young twins!

I have been with the company for almost 6 years and have had tremendous personal and professional growth during this time. The company’s leadership has successfully internalized 5 pillars for sustainable future growth, all while having “fun” in business.

We are better together

Group Managing Director Pieter den Hartogh gets his energy from working together with a great team, always looking for chances and opportunities to improve and create distinctive power.

Our chemistry, ambition, initiative, ownership and teamwork, enables all employees to make a difference.

Colleagues Talking

Hear directly from our dedicated employees who contribute to our success each day.

  • ‘I enjoy working with experienced people who focus on being the global leader in the industry.’

    David Ulrich

    Commercial Sales Manager

  • ‘I’m very happy with the clean surroundings and colleagues who help each other. Really grateful to work for Den Hartogh’.

    Nor Fashihha

    Account Management

  • ‘I have a good and great team here. I like the family-oriented culture. We are like one big Den Hartogh family.’

    Chong Kok Hooi

    People Partner

Arkadiusz Mazurowski

Den Hartogh flows in my bloodstream, when you can enjoy your daily work, if you do what you like, it means you are happy and that is my feeling.

This awareness, combined with a positive environment, optimism, and cheerfulness, leads to each day at work being not a punishment but a pleasure.

Arkadiusz Mazurowski

I keep coming back to safety, if we can work safely and go home healthy every day, then I think we have done an excellent job together. I think it's a very cool feeling to be satisfied with what you do.

Team Testimonials

Listen firsthand to our committed people who play a key role in our daily achievements and overall success.

  • ‘Thanks to my colleagues, I managed to gain more knowledge about the isotank industry.’

    Teo Yong Hwee

    Office Assistant

  • ‘I love working at Den Hartogh. The colleagues are very nice and I feel welcome.’

    Emma Wahlgren


  • ‘Den Hartogh is very family-oriented and does a lot for you. The teamwork here is great, I get on well with everyone.’

    Darius Kanz

    Manager Workshop

"Our six values are People Development, Caring, Openness, Initiative, Respect, and Fun in Business."

Within the Den Hartogh Group we embrace and live by a set of core values that reflect the chemistry and atmosphere we want to work in.

Smarter Logistics

Recognising the continuous change of our society, Royal Den Hartogh Logistics has organised itself in such a way that adaptation and pro-activeness are a generic given. As a preferred logistics service provider, we shall innovate, grow and be a stable factor.

People Speaking

Discover the authentic experiences of our team members, as they share their journey with you.

  • ‘I have good time coming to the office, because I enjoy working with different characters in the office. I have a positive work-life balance.’

    Daniel Bastian

    Planner Gas

  • ‘Within Den Hartogh you meet a lot of people from different departments. If you have the ambition to keep developing yourself, Den Hartogh is a really good fit.’

    Mike van der Reijden

    Pricing Analyst

  • ‘Den Hartogh looks after us employees. I get on really well with people here. Many of them are willing to stop by for a joke and a little chat.’

    Jan Kristen


  • ‘We are taught a lot as trainees. We get support from all sides, including help for school, studying and preparing for exams.’

    Elisa Fricke


"By connecting with others and by taking ownership, employees will achieve our team goals."

Pieter den Hartogh Group Managing Director

Pieter den Hartogh - Group Managing Director

Working with us

Recognizing the continous change of our society our mission is "Ambitious People Realising Creative Logistics Solutions."